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What airsoft gun under 200 is best for a beginner?


There are many people who think that Airsoft is about model guns, but actually, Airsoft is about a game. This is merely a game of collecting “model toy guns” simulating real guns with the purpose of “displaying or playing mock battle games” whose goal is entertainment.

In many countries around the world, this game is considered a sport that requires discipline, seriousness, respect, teamwork, and fun. In terms of appearance, the Airsoft gun looks more realistic than Paint-Ball.

The airsoft gun is made primarily of plastic modeled on the shape of a real gun. And it is designed so that it is not dangerous to damage and does not violate weapons regulations. Today, we will discuss more What airsoft gun under 200 is best for a beginner.

Best Airsoft Gun Brands

There are many manufacturers of Airsoft in the world, and like many other items, Airsoft has different segments, from high-end to affordable. To find the best airsoft gun under 200$, you can refer some Best Airsoft Brands as follows

1. G&G (Guay Guay Gunshop)

G&G is a company from Taiwan and an expert in Airsoft accessories used for both internal and external upgrades. G&G produces high-class models such as RK103, UMG, L85A1 / A2, and M-14.

They used to focus more on price than Classic Army or Tokyo Marui (because they are less popular in airsoft models) and had more complex internal parts that might frustrate newcomers playing by gearboxes.

However, recently they have made plastic bodies instead of the metal body which has made it much cheaper and has also improved the internal design and looks more eye-catching, making them the preferred choice of all people.

  • G&G Combat Machine Raider 2.0 Airsoft Gun 
  • G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider CM16 Raider 

2. ICS (I Chih Shivan)

The company is from Taiwan, ICS is rated as one of the three big manufacturers of airsoft gun (“Big 3” along with Tokyo Marui and Classic Army). Their products often come with metal bodies and original trademarks (these are the two main factors that players often look for).

They produce Olympic Arms, M4s, MP5s, and AK-74M. They also come with a separate gearbox with the top of the gearbox (including parts such as cylinders and springs), separated from the bottom gearbox, easy to repair and upgrade.

Recent products make them the leader in terms of increased accuracy and  FPS. Their next projects are the SIG rifle series, G36, L85, and the popular Kalashnikov line.

  • I Chih Shivan MP5A2 
  • I Chih Shivan SARSILMAZ SAR 9
  • I Chih Shivan CXP-MMR SBR MTR Stock

3. Inokatsu

Inokatsu sounds like Japan but this is a company from Taiwan, especially affordable products, high reliability, easy to disassemble. They are famous for the full metal M60 Machine Guns and AK47 / 74.

Moreover, this company is well-known for the airsoft gun with a detailed look and closest to the real gun. 

  • Inokatsu M4 QBR 
  • Inokatsu SIG SAUER P226
  • Inokatsu M4 Complete Butt Stock

4. Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui – Japanese company is renowned for its ability in technology, reliability, and durability (even when kept in storage).

Tokyo Marui is the first manufacturer to make the AEG – FAMAS F1 model and also invented the ‘HopUp’ system. Tokyo Marui (also known by the abbreviation TM) mainly produces AEG’s, AEP’s (Automatic Electric Pistols), along with gas guns and spring.

They also make an important contribution to the development of airsoft. However, due to Japanese law, TM must use ABS materials, making it more difficult to compete with CA and ICS – Those companies that are not subject to any prohibition can do completely “full metal” guns.

As an investment, TM still lags far behind other brands in reliability, making their product one of the best basic products to upgrade. Tokyo Marui is the largest airsoft manufacturer in the world and is regarded as a benchmark that most airsoft markets follow.

  • Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact GBB Pistol
  • Tokyo Marui 226 TM-SIGP226-RAIL
  • Tokyo Marui FM 5-7 (Five-seven) TM-GBB-FN57
  • Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 TM-HICAP51
  • Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle.50AE Hard Kick TM-DE50AE

5. KJW (Kuan Ju Works) 

This company produces high-powered guns with metal materials, usually, most of the types of KJW do not have trademarks, so the accuracy of the model copy is limited.

Some types of KJW are sold under the brand name “Y&P” in the United States. Their most popular products are the Beretta 92 FS, others are related to the M9 series.

  • KJ Works Model 27 
  • KJ Works Model P229R 
  • KJ Works KP-09 CZ 75 Gas Version

6. Marushin  

Marushin s the only GBB handgun that can shoot l shells. Unfortunately, it is made of ABS due to Japanese law prohibiting metal making, so it can only be used with R134, the best thing is to hold Glock 26 auto 1 with the shell casings – BEST.

In addition, Marushin is also one of the few manufacturers of airsoft models under the WW2 gun model, so it attracts many players preferring WW2.

  • Marushin S&W M629 Classic 44 
  • Marushin X Cartridge Police Revolver 
  • Marushin X Cartridge Super Red Hawk 

Wrapping up

Well, that’s all about this discussion on What airsoft gun under 200 is best for a beginner. We will go into more detail about other best types of airsoft guns in the next posts. So, stay tuned!

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